Frequently Asked Questions

Video answers from the team

What makes a good nomination? How does the selection process work?

All VING submissions will be selected based upon your passion and ability to communicate your nominee’s financial hardship. Strong submissions include a personal connection.

I submitted a nomination video. Now what?

All applicants will be notified on their selection status within 30 days. One submission/per teen/per 30 days. If selected, VING will work with you to plan for your amazing VING surprise.

Who’s behind the VING project? Where does all the money come from?

The VING project was created by Liz and Eric Lefkofsky, as part of their mission to give back, celebrate teens, and spark the next generation of giVING.

So I’m not 14-18, but still love the idea. How can I get involved with the VING project?

We love that you want to link arms with the VING movement! Help us spread the word by telling a high school teacher about VING. You can refer a teacher to the VING project by emailing us at info@VINGproject.org.

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