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VING gifts 14-18 year-olds $1,000 to give to someone in need. This person is selected and nominated by YOU and must be over 18 and outside of your family.

Do it in less than 99 seconds!



Send us a quick video (1-2 minutes) about someone who you think deserves a $1,000 boost.



If selected, VING will give you a $1,000 check to deliver to the recipient. It’s really that simple!

See how short and simple your video submission can be!

Wondering if there’s a catch? There isn’t - we’re just here to empower the next generation of givers.

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Who We Are

Founded by avid philanthropists, the VING Project is a national community working to spread a culture of giving. We provide teens 14-18 with an opportunity to give $1,000 to someone they know facing financial hardship. All it takes to give someone in need a financial boost is a short 1-2 minute selfie-style video explaining why they deserve it. Fill out our nomination form, upload your video, and we’ll get back to you within 30 days. It’s that easy!

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